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Nanjing Heying dynamic equilibrium gimbal dynamic balancing machine

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Nanjing Heying dynamic Cardan balance technology limited production of dynamic balancing machine, can balance from 50 kilograms to a maximum of 30000 kg of 2800 mm diameter rotor. As a professional manufacturer, Nanjing Heying Dynamic Balance Technology Co., Ltd also manufactures special horizontal dynamic balancing machine, can be suitable for all types of rotors. Shanghai Jianping balancing machine company is designed in the CN or ISO standard and customer requirements, manufacturing and testing. The company adopts the mature technology, provides unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability, than other machines on the market faster.

Application of dynamic balance machine range of universal joint

Balance check gimbal dynamic balancing machine is mainly applied to the workpiece of large and medium-sized motor rotor, blower, centrifugal impeller, dryer, roller rotating body. This machine adopts the universal coupling device or gear box transmission, can obtain multiple equilibrium speed or stepless speed regulation, has the characteristics of large driving power, high precision, convenient operation.

Universal joint of dynamic balancing machine characteristics

Universal joint dynamic balancing machine has reliable design and measurement system using industry leading. Dynamic and static balance, supporting up to 10, and duplicate removal, positive inversion can be customized, balance weight and unit of angle measuring display can be customized, display accuracy can be any custom, realize the real-time conversion unit, to meet the different requirements of customers

Universal joint of dynamic balancing machine product advantage

Swing frame 1 professional design, the effective transmission of mechanical force, firm and reliable, vibration damping is small, good rigidity

The 2 sensor with high sensitivity, good linearity, high durability and reliability

3 time calibration, permanent use, allowing higher initial unbalance

4 special balancing machine universal joint transmission, smooth power transmission, starting fast, convenient operation

In the rotor outside the 5 round not applicable by circle belt drive or drive power is required great

6 advanced electric measuring system, the friendly man-machine th surface, strong function of large and medium-sized motor rotor dynamic balancing machine, dynamic balance of blower, centrifugal impeller balancing machine dynamic balancing machine, dryer, drum dynamic balancing machine.

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